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Our Story

John began his McDonald’s journey like much of our team — as a crew member. It was in his role on the crew where John developed his passion for the McDonald’s brand. He quickly learned that with persistence and determination, the sky’s the limit in the McDonald’s family.

Fast forward to 2014,  when John and his wife Mary had the opportunity to become Owner/Operators at their first store in Central Indiana. With the same grit and tenacity that drove them in the early days of their respective careers, they committed to creating a people-first organization that’s rooted in the foundation of the McDonald’s system: excellence in Quality, Service and Cleanliness. 

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Our Vision

While we're known for great burgers, we're in the people business. It takes great people to make a great impression on our guests and keep them coming back time and again. That's why we're committed to providing an actionable roadmap to success that furthers our employees' personal and professional goals. Because when greatness comes from within, we can go out and make a positive impact in the lives of our guests and the communities we serve.

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